Martin Přibyla is a Czech artist, designer, musician, biologist and pilot. His work is informed by his fascination with materials and mechanical capabilities. These varied talents translate into his creations in the variety of output, as well as an unusual ability to blend and combine.


A tinkerer by nature, his designs and objects arise from the material rather than starting with a vision and then finding materials suitable for its execution. Martin’s main focus is on bringing the best out of his wide range of materials through strong design ideas and superb craftsmanship.


His background in biology, specifically ornithology, gave him an exceptional training in observation. Nature isn’t mere inspiration, it’s the source of creativity. His resulting works carry a unique organic imprint, whether it be light fixtures, furniture or art-objects. Even the lightest and most playful works appear absolutely solid and grounded.


These attributes are then enhanced by the distinctive vision of a pilot, accustomed to seeing the world from above. His works are extraordinary, as if viewed from a fresh perspective that is unmistakably his own.