This lamp appeared in Martin’s dream and cast its spell on him so visually that he awakened to record its shapes and proportions. More than a year after its partial shapes appeared in his other works, it wouldn’t let him sleep easily again and he decided to finally materialize his dream. Ever since he‘s slept much better and all his nightmares, including Zombies, went to sleep as well.
Due to its considerable size, this lamp will excel in a larger interior as a solitaire piece, with graceful shapes that rise in a spiral toward a crown in the shape of a parchment bloom. The crown is adorned with an opalite that, with its sophisticated lighting, appears to emit its own pale blue light, attracting the viewer’s attention as a night-lamp attracts moths.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  more photos 

plywood, skin, veneer, plexi, 250cm


 Wall lamp, 2016, plywood, skin, wood veneer, 91x42x17cm, one available



 A one-off masterpiece where Martin works to a level of perfection with his favorite materials – parchment, veneer and brass. The sculpture lends a warm atmosphere with a sense of magic to an interior. The burst of light at the bottom creates an intimate corner under the lamp, while the space above appears in juxtaposition to this highlight, featuring the head of a historic blinking-doll, peeking from fluffy stormclouds of baby duvets. The inventive use of a brass frame in two layers creates its own unique play of shadows, cast on the wall above the lamp. The back-lit veneer (a characteristic feature of Martin’s lamps) is in perfect harmony with the color tones defining the lamp.



 plywood, skin, plexi, veneer, 147x57x47cm




wood, brass, aluminium, copper, veneer




 Aluminium, 175cm